boeing 1ITC Airfreight Charter Service

Procure yourself competitive advantages with us.  We deliver complex, integrated and tailor made airfreight charter and logistics concepts.

Consulting and the right planning are the Alpha and Omega of smooth process

  • We check diverse, the load ability of the freight, inspect peculiarities, advice you in terms of packaging and coordinate special loading equipment (e.g. cranes)
  • We plan and organize the entire transport chain. On request, we store and consolidate your commodity –also in customs warehouse -
  • Our team is purchasing special permits and supports your charter shipment from A to Z. On request, until it reaches the recipient in the target country.

We work e.g. for the following industries:

  • Automotive, Airmotive
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy industry and plant engineering
  • Oil, gas and mining industries
  • Major projects
  • Valuable goods
  • Living animals
  • Perishable goods
  • Pharmaceutical productsc

Example of an Air Cargo Charter Processing in December 2014

4 Full 747 F-400 Nosedoor for Oman

Willich, 12/2014 - ITC flies around 303 tons special steel  tubes for a new methanol plant to Oman.


Both, 6 long vehicle flat bad trailers ex Krefeld and 2 trailers ex Lindlar were driven directly to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) and have been secured on-site. 44 crates with each 6.880 kg and 10 tons equipment  were loaded with 2 High-Loaders (Lifting Force: each 20 tons - placed one after another) on four by Boeing 747 F-400 Nosedoor, which were chartered by ITC. The aircrafts flew nonstop to the freight airport DWC Dubai. From there, the delivery was carried out –directed by ITC- 233 km to Oman.

Since 01/01/2015 about 1000 people are now working on the construction of the plant, including of course the shoring of the special steel tubes that particularly withstand high temperatures and extremely high pressure.